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April 8, 2012 7:58 pm

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This is one of the few projects I’ve worked on that I’ve been really tight-lipped about. I think it’s because I really want everything to be perfect (or at least, close enough to perfect) before FOTB becomes official. Working on a logo so the site/community has a wordless brand, steadily getting pages in that look unquestionably awesome, and having those colored/lettered.

Obviously, we’re not going to start until I have a nice buffer of strips. It’s not the standard three-panel strip, as you can imagine. It’s a comic saga. It’s funny how far this has gone from its inception. Totally different story, completely different characters, and a whole different vibe. This has matured really nicely in my head and on paper, to the point where it’s something I’m truly proud of.

I’ll just come on the site and look at it. Maybe move some widgets around. I’m just so truly excited to start. Hope you agree it’s worth it.

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