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Presenting... The Binturong!

Update 3: A Fresh Start

October 8, 2013 4:05 am

If you’ve been to the Crew Manifest at any point since the launch, you’re pretty familiar with a little backstory about Sam, here. Some behind-the-scenes info includes the fact that she’s the first character Nic ever drew.When Nic offered to do character designs, I gave him a rough description. He responded with Sam. It was entirely this character. I saw no need to make any changes.

I love this character so much, and I hope you’ll like her, too.

Ooh! I also want to draw your attention downward to our social media icons. We’ve got a nice Facebook andGoogle+ group, and the Tumblr page gives you weekly insights into the art and some of our feelings on that. So give ‘em a look! I’d also like to give a quick shout to the Webcomic Underdogs community for giving us the time of day and some nice feedback. We found out from them that the mobile version of the site is what a lot of Macbook users are seeing, so they’re not getting stuff like the About or Cast pages. Sorry about that!

So enjoy the comic, stop by some of our social junk, and tell a friend about us. See you next Tuesday!


  1. Pdonz says:

    Love the color holds in panel 3. They add depth and fit the style of the comic really well!
    Also loving the relationship between these two characters 🙂

  2. Joseph Kelly says:

    Welcome to the wild, wild web, Binturong. Thanks for piping us aboard!

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