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I love the colors in this scene

Update 12: Problem Solving

December 10, 2013 12:51 am

The Binturong‘s old-school command center is almost solely inspired by my friend’s little server room in his basement. I believe old technology (or even 80’s scifi “future technology”) looks way better than our actual, way more practical future technology.


  1. Danielle says:

    I gotta say, I love the glowy effects. I’m a bit of a color junky and if I may be completely superficial here for a moment, this is a damn pretty comic. Especially panels with space shots.
    From a storytelling standpoint, it really adds some amazing atmosphere.

  2. Catapult says:

    It constantly amuses me when I think that if a 1960’s SF movie portrayed the year 2013 as looking pretty much like the 1960’s except for a scattering of electronics towers and some odd-but-not-exciting motor transport, I would have muttered “Cheap )@^^*! special effects”. But that’s the way it is.

    • Sal says:

      You look back on a movie like Total Recall, where everything has a 1980’s mentality despite its far-flung future setting, and I totally agree it absolutely looks like a movie made in the late 80’s trying to look futuristic. But I think there’s a kind of subtle charm in that. I don’t plan on the crew of The Binturong using a top-loader VCR anytime soon, but closed-circuit TV’s mixed with HD holograms? Most definitely.

  3. Arnlaf says:

    Brilliant. Bravo. Great start to a comic, no, to a story I’ve read in many years.
    Just found this web comic browsing for sci-fi, and have read it through 4 times already. Cannot wait for the rest!!!!

    The scene, the atmosphere, and the characters are setup really well and it has pulled me in like no other comic I’ve seen. I see possibilities that light up my imagination with all sorts of machinations, conflicts, and improbable alliances. It seems like a good character exploration in a space setting without the unneeded encounter with ET, space is dangerous enough with the human penchant for error and bureaucratic blundering.

    I thank you, your artist, and your colourist (yes, this is the real spelling of colour, 😀 ) for inspiring me to leave my first ever comment for a web comic in all the years I’ve been reading them.

    • Sal says:

      My day has been made. Thank you, Arnlaf!

      If you were a fan of this week’s page, I’m betting you’ll really like next week’s update… 😉

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