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Wells is putting things together...

Update 39: Inconsistencies

June 17, 2014 12:07 am

A peppering of characterization for Ashland and Wells. I really hope you guys are enjoying the anti-Binturong crew. I’m really loving writing for them, as it’s rare I’ve gotten a chance to write for “bad guys.” It’s fun!


  1. (Chaos) Jester says:

    Well… this just got really sarden creepy allofa sudden o.o
    If I were there I’d be flipping out so bad hahaha!

  2. Daelyte says:

    Did you know that pirates usually prefer to hold people for ransom rather than kill them? People are more likely to surrender when they know they won’t be harmed, and besides ransom on live prisoners is usually worth more than a pile of dead bodies.

    Pirates used to elect their captain and quartermaster (who acted as 2nd in command), and could change them at any time by majority vote. The quartermaster could veto the captain’s orders. Democracy with checks and balances. Of course, pirate ship still had harsh discipline, but it had to be relatively fair because officers had limited authority.

    If anything, it’s the british navy that was authoritarian and oppressive, especially when you consider that officers were mostly aristocracy, whereas many of the sailors were drafted and didn’t really want to be there.

    So basically social dynamics like we see in scifi TV shows like Star Trek or Firely, with officers and crew regularly questioning the captain’s judgement, are closer to privateers than to national navies.

  3. T.Chicken says:

    So they’re not the good guys? Dang.

  4. Glenn-o-matic says:

    In panel 3 is that Wells getting a micro-jolt to his Limbic System as a warning for thinking outside the box?
    Implants: they give new meaning to “who’s in charge!”

  5. nikolai60 says:

    I somehow doubt those are children…

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