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Go back and watch this move Harris pulls off.

Update 64: Guardian

December 16, 2014 12:49 am

Somebody’s looking out for Wells.


  1. Platitude says:

    Found your comic through the article on io9, and just read through all of it in the last couple days. What a cool comic. So sad about Chen.

  2. Gnumber says:

    Same thing, io9, new bookmark, blah blah…I LOVED this! Great story, art, characters, etc,

    I devoured it like popcorn, eagerly flipping pages, wanting to know what came next. Every page ‘s a cliffhanger.
    Arrgh, finally hit the end! Wait till next Time!

  3. Elihias says:

    Heh. I usually lurk, but have to surface to say this:

    I loved the artwork in Free Mars, and it’s so good to see more of it.
    Kinda sparse, kinda robotic/mechanical, kinda punky…

    And definitely all good.

    Keep it comin my man, the beast needs to be fed.


  4. Lack-Jaw says:

    Man, AIs will do anything to get rid of the people they don’t like. Love the comic by the way, like many, I found you through io9 today. Can’t wait until next Tuesday! 🙂

  5. robertjamesftw says:

    Nice comic! I found you through io9.com today, read your whole strip. You’re definitely on my “to keep up with” list now!

  6. I just found this comic through io9 and I’ve gotta say, it’s damn good! But I want to throw out a piece of advice/criticism. I love this art style, it’s really slick, but your pages are blown up so large on the site that it actually detracts from the art. I shrunk my browser view to 50% and it made a world of difference! If I could suggest, perhaps you could save our your pages at half their current size? I think they’d read a lot better on the site that way. Just my thoughts, though. Definitely gained a reader either way!

    • Sal says:

      I really appreciate it! We used to shrink them but something got screwed up with Photoshop on my end and I’m still trying to fix it. I’ll try to get it done really soon!

  7. therealzubes says:

    Whoa. That sucks. “Don’t tell me what I already know, son” what a dick.

    That being said I looove the action in the last panel!

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