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A fitting end

Update 66: Satisfaction

January 6, 2015 12:02 am

Sometimes you just need to embrace the cold silence of space. And sometimes you die there.

Loving the colors on Panel 3!


  1. nikolai60 says:

    Panel 3 also agreed.

    He lasted quite a long time with no helmet. And yes I recognize the timetable for these past several pages is very short, but it’s still a long time to last with no helmet.

  2. therealzubes says:

    This is an amazing page,but I agree with you that the coloring in panel 3 is really cool. I am really pleased with Wells choice here, still that must have been a rough one…even if Ashland is an ass. Which he proves even with his last breath. Love the space claw and the blast door sort of function on the windows!

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