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Marcus looks pissed about something!

Update 67: Up to Speed

January 13, 2015 11:33 pm

Sorry for the late update, folks. I hate when this happens.

Everybody’s trading notes. That can’t be good.


  1. Elihias says:

    You cant rush quality. Already got me hook/line/sinker.
    Just keep it coming when you can my friend.


  2. Core_Diver says:

    Just started reading today and caught up to the most recent update. Added to my “weekly check” folder, and will pop in to see your progress! Thanks for a rocking and rolling space opera comic! Hyped for more!

  3. Apex predator says:

    I wonder how much more you got in store for us:)

  4. Dusty Coyote says:

    No Worries. Been loving the comic.

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