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Just another day in space

Update 7: Quitting Time

November 5, 2013 4:00 am

I think it’s important for everyone on a ship to know how to fix it. Harris bought The Binturong, he designed ships much more complex and modern, so it stands to reason he’d be able to fix any issue in short order.

I wrote this sequence awhile ago, and I really enjoyed the interplay between Harris and Avery– two people who work together and are unintimidated by each other. And on a more social note, if your best friend gets into a serious relationship, it’s important to know how you fit into that new dynamic. I like how Harris handles it. I think for Harris, Avery’s like a sister.

Also, I think it’s fun to show a normal day in the life of our characters before we completely change their lives forever.

Those suits came with the ship, by the way. There’s three of them.

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