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Fast ship!

Update 77: More Trouble

April 9, 2015 11:16 am

Sorry for the delay! Hopefully we’re back on track. Today’s update Star Warses it up with multiple action splitting up what’s left of our heroes. Hope it’s working!


  1. Simon says:

    hey sal, are you still updating? I am excited for the next page, but it has been nearly a month

  2. iij says:

    You have a trade paper back or something?

  3. CurlyPiper says:

    I decided to give this a shot and read the first couple updates before I went to sleep, but I was pretty sure I wasn’t gonna like it for some reason… I made it all the way to here and kept pressing the next button for a solid minute. Awesome writing!

  4. nikolai60 says:

    Navy guy is as good as dead.

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