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Update 8: Interrupted

November 12, 2013 5:00 am

That first panel sums up Tom Harris perfectly for me.

I finally saw Gravity last week, and it made me feel like an idiot when I sat down to write more FOTB. My complete lack of knowledge and understanding of actual space travel, and seeing at least an attempt to provide something authentic on screen just amplified my insecurity. Finally, I had this thought, and it broke me out of my writer’s funk:

“God, I would never go to space. Everything is so fragile and precious. One tiny speck of a thing goes wrong and everybody dies. Hope is something anyone in space would need to have, but must be so hard to hold onto.”

The movie itself was pretty tight (and Sandra Bullock did a really lovely job), but obviously the takeaway was all about me and my space adventure.

One thing that helped me get over my insecurity of telling a story in space (with only my English degree to guide me) was recognizing the latter half of this genre: Science FICTION. I’m telling a story about what is not, not what will be. My job as a storyteller is to entertain, and maybe share how I’d like the world to be. I know for a fact realism helps, but I’ll just have to do a better job at infusing that in my characters, if I can’t explain how my cool looking ships hurl through space.


  1. Tiffany says:

    Yeah I hear you. I always love watching sci-fi shows, envying the freedom and excitement the characters experience. Then I think about the idea of being trapped in a metal tube, box, whatever hurtling through space and realize it’s not for me. That doesn’t stop my enjoyment of it, though!

    Looking good so far, I looove Harris’ beard…it’s amazing!

    • Sal says:

      I completely get how they decided to finally use space as a horror setting for Alien.

      Harris thanks you for your compliment! It’s a majestic beard that I can only dream about achieving.

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