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February 6, 2012 5:29 am

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I’m sad to say that among thousands of people being displaced, powerless, and inconvenienced thanks to the Sandy storm, it’s also delayed the start of FOTB. So it’s time for another blog entry while I jump at every phone call I get, hoping it’s from the power company telling me today’s the day I can go home and pick up my life again.

My writing style (if one can measure these things) is more of a spontaneous type. I usually have a loose story in my head, and then I sit down and write the first ten pages or so, then re-write them, send them over to the artist, and then refine the dialogue a bit one last time (or two). It’s not the best method, I know, but I find a lot of fun things in the process, and I rarely regret an action or page that comes out of it.

FOTB is a challenge to me, mostly because I have a lot of this comic already planned out in my head. Few changes, few deviations, not a lot of room for improv… It’s weird. I’m excited to be doing things in this that nobody will see for awhile. On one hand, this is incredibly encouraging. On the other, it’s scary. Scary, because it means I’m really in this for the long haul. I have every intention of this crew/story/universe to be the biggest thing I’ve ever done. And if I’m successful, I’ll finally be able to smile to myself for creating something I’d have been obsessed over in high school.

I’m sure there’s room for some bumps and side-steps along the way, but the journey I’ve got planned for The Binturong and its crew, and the characters you’re going to meet and miss… Let’s just say I’d really like a WayForward Machine to take a gander at where we are. If I do things right, we can do everything I’ve got planned (and then some), and while things will evolve, it’s still The Binturong, and you’ll always find something to love about it.

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